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OYA GUY dis is how to increase your iphone6 storage device

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An unusual h*ckwhich can
dramatically increase the
available storage space on your
iPhonehas been discovered.
The trick is capable of freeing
up gigabytes of space on your
phone, which always come in
handy if you're using a lower-
capacity device.
To see the trick in action, go to
Settings>General>About, and
scroll down to 'Available'.
Check how much storage you
have left, and then head to the
iTunes Store.
Search for a film which is bigger
than the space left on your
phone. Something like The Lord
of the Rings: The Two Towers
(which clocks in at 6.84GB)
should do the trick.
Long, high-definition films will
usually be bigger than your
remaining storage space
Then click 'Rent' at the top of
the page. Don't worry - if you
don't have room, you won't be
charged, and an error box
saying you don't have enough
available storage will appear.
This error box should appear,
and you won't be charged for
the rental
After you've clicked 'OK', head
back to settings and check your
available storage again. It
should have increased,
potentially quite significantly.
Head back to Settings, and you
should find your available
storage has increased
Before I tried this trick, I had
500MB of free space. After the
first try, it increased to 848MB. It
reached 1GB after the second
try, and 1.3GB the third. In a
minute of trying to rent the film,
the phone gained 800MB of
available storage space, a fairly
impressive gain.
The trick was discussed on
Reddit's iPhone forum, where
some users with higher-
capacity phones said they had
gained up to 4GB of space in
just a few tries.
It's not completely clear what
causes the increase in available
space, but it seems like the
attempted download causes the
phone to clear its caches.
This is a continuous process
which is always happening on
your phone, and the device will
do it automatically when it's
running low on space. This trick
appears to force the phone to
have a cleanout, freeing up a lot
of space in one go.
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Posted by .cyberspammer on Sun 09 Jul 2017

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