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the love story of a unilag babe and a bus conductor

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1Something interesting
happened on my way to Oshodi
morning. At the park this rough
mean-looking conductor
also known as “agbero” in
Yoruba was screaming for
passengers, his vernacular
oscillating between Yoruba and
pidgin English.
“Oshod! Oshod!” He shouted
angrily as I along with some
other passengers scuttled for
seats. There was this beautiful
young lady who couldn’t throw
caution and decorum to the
wind but waited patiently until
the bus was almost filled.
Then she pleaded to sit by the
agbero until somebody came
down then she would pay for a
proper seat.
The agbero didn’t even look at
her pretty face, he hissed and
shouted to the driver to move
that why didn’t she rush when
others were rushing. The girl
started pleading in Yoruba and
clean ‘oyinbo’ english; “please,
ejó, help me out sir, I know
you are a good man, never mind
all this shout you have
been shouting (people burst into
laughter). Let me sit by
your side please”.
Finally with much squeezing of
face the agbero relented and
she sat beside him. It was a tight
squeeze but she didn’t
complain but rather started
praising the agbero. He in turn
started teasing her, speaking
(and sometimes spitting by
mistake) into her face but the girl
never looked away, she
never let the smile leave her face.
He asked her where she
worked and she replied that she
was a student in the
University of Lagos (UNILAG)
studying accounting. He teased
her in Yoruba about her
boyfriend and car (maybe asking
why her boyfriend didn’t drop
her at her destination…she
laughed it off and continued to
gist with the guy in Yoruba.
When she reached her junction
the agbero alighted the bus
for her to come down. She did
and paid her transport fare,
then the agbero told her to give
him a peck on the cheek for
being so ‘gentlemanly’. At this
point some of us became
indignant, haba! He had been
teasing her since, he should
let her go. Another argument
almost ensued between the
agbero and the passengers
although it was not as if the
agbero was really serious, he told
her to go. Then it
happened! She jumped forward
and gave him a peck on the
cheek! We all shouted, the
agbero was quiet out of surprise.
She then waved bye and ran
down to her street.
The driver and other people
started to hail the agbero, see
hailing! The guy was just
forming boss, saying he knew he
was irresistible etc and others
were yabbing (taunting) him,
some were yabbing the girl and
we moved on and suddenly
the bus was quiet, show over.
Then the agbero put his head
down and became
uncharacteristically quiet. The
soon asked the guy why he
wasn’t calling out bus-stop abi
the girl don do am jazz (cast a
spell on him). The agbero
said something in Yoruba I didn’t
get and then his voice
became emotional and believe it
Others were now consoling him
in Yoruba. When I asked
what the problem was, the lady
beside me explained that
the agbero said he just realised
he would never be able to
get a girl like that in his life
because he’s an uneducated bus
conductor and she was going to
be a graduate. He was
weeping because he knew no
girl of her class might ever do
to him what that girl just did, to
touch a dirty person like
himself; that the girl is nice and
well brought-up and if he
had money he would have
chased after her. So the
passengers were consoling him
in Yoruba that he would go
higher in life and be able to
marry a girl like that. He should
not cry because itwas not the
end of the road for him.
That really touched me.
For a moment in that agbero’s
life, his facade of a street
thug fell away and he was a
vulnerable emotional aspiring
young man, just like everybody
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Posted by .cyberspammer on Mon 26 Jun 2017

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